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Avoiding vet fear - Pedigree ZA
A trip to the vet can be stressful for your dog avoiding vet fear would be essential for a happy dog | Pedigree®
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Avoiding vet fear

Pedigree® |Small puppy in hands

With strange people and new smells, a trip to the vet can be stressful your dog. Here’s how to help them avoid vet fear.


• Do regular home health checks so your dog gets used to being handled.
• Use a positive voice to talk to your dog and reassure them.
• Take treats to reward them for positive behaviour.


If you have a puppy, remember that until they’ve had all their vaccinations you’ll need to hold them on your lap or in a crate in the waiting room to stop them coming into contact with other dogs.


To save time and help the vet, it may be useful to take a few things with you:


• a list of your dog’s symptoms;
• your dog’s medical records;
• any medication your dog is on.