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Pedigree ZA | Caring
Dental hygiene, colds, good grooming & visiting the vet, this is where you can find out how | Pedigree®
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From dental hygiene to dealing with colds, from good grooming to visiting the vet’s, this is where you
can find out all about caring for your dog’s health.

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My Dog’s Dental

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Your dog may not be able to tell you when something is wrong…

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My Dog’s

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A healthy dog is a happy dog. Here you can find everything…

Grooming and

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We know that dogs love being dogs, and sometimes that…

Going to
The Vet

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A visit to the vet is inevitable at some point and it can…

See what good food can do

PEDIGREE® South Africa has teamed up with Woodrock Animal Rescue for an eight-week initiative called Project Juno

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