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Pedigree ZA | Caring
Dental hygiene, colds, good grooming & visiting the vet, this is where you can find out how | Pedigree®
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From dental hygiene to dealing with colds, from good grooming to visiting the vet’s, this is where you
can find out all about caring for your dog’s health.

My Dog’s Dental

Your dog may not be able to tell you when something is wrong…

My Dog’s

A healthy dog is a happy dog. Here you can find everything…

Grooming and

We know that dogs love being dogs, and sometimes that…

Going to
The Vet

A visit to the vet is inevitable at some point and it can…

See what good food can do

PEDIGREE® South Africa has teamed up with Woodrock Animal Rescue for an eight-week initiative called Project Juno