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Controlling your dog’s urge to chase - Pedigree ZA
Dogs love the thrill of a chase, controlling your dogs urge to chase would serve to assist in keeping them safe | Pedigree®
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Controlling your dog’s urge to chase

Pedigree® |Dogs playing on grass

Dogs love the thrill of a chase, so keep an eye out for cats, children, bikes, cars and other dogs when you’re out and about as well as making sure you keep your dog safely on a lead near traffic.


To keep chasing in check and prevent it from becoming a habit, take firm control of your dog when you meet new things and new people.


Keep your dog on a lead or training line and train them to come back when you call, rewarding them when they do.


It’ll take lots of practice, but your reward will be a brilliantly behaved dog, both on the lead and off.