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Grooming and Parasites - Pedigree ZA
Learn about how to best tackle bath time, look after your dog’s coat & prevent parasites | Pedigree®
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Grooming & Parasites


Here you can learn about how to best tackle bath time and look after your dog’s coat, as well as
how to prevent or eliminate parasites.

Giving your dog or puppy a bath

If you’re well-prepared, bathing can be a great adventure for both you and your dog.

Grooming your dog or puppy

Here’s our guide to your dog’s daily grooming routine

Diagnosing and treating worms in dogs

Preventing, diagnosing and treating worms


Diagnosing, treating and preventing fleas.

Ear Mites

Is your dog shaking their head or scratching their ears excessively? They could have ear mites

Pedigree® puppy pouch.

Designed just for your growing pup. From Vitamin E to help build their immune system, to protein that is gentle on their sensitive tummies. PEDIGREE® puppy pouch has everything your dog needs to keep them healthy and strong.

Puppy wet pouch with jelly for multipack