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Grooming and Parasites - Pedigree ZA
Learn about how to best tackle bath time, look after your dog’s coat & prevent parasites | Pedigree®
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Grooming & Parasites


Here you can learn about how to best tackle bath time and look after your dog’s coat, as well as
how to prevent or eliminate parasites.

Pedigree® | puppy leaning on bath

Giving your dog or puppy a bath

If you’re well-prepared, bathing can be a great adventure for both you and your dog.

Pedigree® | Small puppy with brown coated ears looking into the camera

Grooming your dog or puppy

Here’s our guide to your dog’s daily grooming routine

PEDIGREE®| Black & white dog

Diagnosing and treating worms in dogs

Preventing, diagnosing and treating worms

Pedigree® |Dalmatian dog in tin


Diagnosing, treating and preventing fleas.

Pedigree® | black and white coat Puppy with head slanted

Ear Mites

Is your dog shaking their head or scratching their ears excessively? They could have ear mites

Pedigree® puppy pouch.

Designed just for your growing pup. From Vitamin E to help build their immune system, to protein that is gentle on their sensitive tummies. PEDIGREE® puppy pouch has everything your dog needs to keep them healthy and strong.

Puppy wet pouch with jelly for multipack