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Our promises - Pedigree ZA
At Pedigree® we take our promises seriously. Read more about our promises here.
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Our Promises

Pedigree® number one in yellow circle

Nutritionally Complete

All of our complete food is just that, 100% nutritionally complete

“It’s the dedication, care and attention behind all of our products that makes them so special and in my job I help to make sure we never let those standards slip. Dogs notice when their food’s different, so consistency is a big thing, especially for an old boy like our Max.”

“Kevin and Max, Quality

Pedigree® man with dog
Pedigree® number two in yellow circle

No Artificial Colours

There are no artificial flavours or colours in our main meal dog food.

“My job’s all about focusing on what people really want to feed their dogs. That means good, balanced, healthy food free from artificial colours and flavours. I wouldn’t consider feeding Archie anything less.”

“Martin and Archie, Quality

Pedigree® man with dog
Pedigree® number three in yellow circle

Highest Factory Standards

Our factories are independently inspected to the same standard as those used to produce human food.

“I help to make sure that everything we do to make a Pedigree product – from our suppliers through to our own factories – has as little impact on the environment as possible. I like to think Robbie appreciates my efforts, after all, I’m helping keep the planet clean, green and perfect for playing his favourite game – he’s totally obsessed with his Frisbee!”

Jason and Robbie, Environment

Pedigree® man with dog
Pedigree® number four in yellow circle


We can trace all our meat to the farms it comes from

“I like to know my food’s good quality, so I don’t settle for any less for Kye. The nice thing is, as part of the buying team at Pedigree, I get to choose where we source our great ingredients, working with farmers and suppliers to make sure everything that arrives at our factory meets our strict guidelines. It’s great to know he enjoys all my hard work!”

Kelly and Kye, Meat buying

Pedigree® Woman with dog picture
Pedigree® number five in yellow circle

Quality Ingredients

We buy our meat from the same approved sources as meat for human consumption

“As an engineer for Pedigree, I ensure we’re producing the high quality product that I’m proud to be giving to Bailey. He loves to lick my car windows clean, so it’s important to me that he’s getting something every mealtime which will protect and keep him healthy no matter where his tongue goes. He’s excelling at Puppy school so I know he’s getting all the nutrition and energy he needs to grow and learn”.

Nigel and Bailey, Engineering

Pedigree® man with dog
Pedigree® number six in yellow circle

Quality Checks

All our product goes through 16 quality checks before we let it out the door.

“Min really enjoys her food and always returns to her bowl several times to make sure she hasn’t missed any. Part of my job in the quality team is to make sure that the recipe we put into the can is produced exactly right in our factory.”

Pedigree® man with dog
Pedigree® number seven in yellow circle

More meat in the cans

We always put more meat in the can than any other ingredient

“As a Puppy, Murphy loves playing and getting stuck into all sorts of things. That’s why I only ever feed him on Pedigree. I make sure that all our food is made in the vest possible way, so I know he’s getting everything he needs to grow up happy and healthy no matter what he gets up to!”

Roger and Murphy, Manufacturing

Pedigree® man with dog
Pedigree® number eight in yellow circle

Made Only by us

Because we are proud of the quality of our dog food, we don’t make it for any other company.

“It’s a real team effort here – we all do everything we can to make sure our food is the best it can be. For me, that means looking after the machines that make our kibbles, so they all pop out the right quality every time. I must be doing something right, because Lola can’t wait to get stuck in. There’s an empty bowl in the kitchen every night.”

Martin and Lola, Engineering

Pedigree® man with dog