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Preparing for your dog - Pedigree ZA
A checklist of things to consider while preparing for the arrival of your new dog | Pedigree®
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Preparing For Your Dog


A checklist of things to consider before your new dog comes home

Pedigree® | three black and brown coated puppies looking at the camera

Which dog or puppy is right for you?

Questions to consider when choosing your puppy

PEDIGREE®| Three puppies feeling tired

Which breed of dog or puppy is right for you?

With so many different breeds of dog, how do you find the perfect puppy for you?

PEDIGREE®| 5 puppies sitting

Choosing a puppy

When they all look adorable, how do you choose the right puppy for your home?

Pedigree® |Brown face and white body dog standing on the grass

Rehoming a rescue dog

Rehoming a dog is a big decision. Here you can learn more about the rehoming process.

PEDIGREE®| Happy dog running towards the camera

Preparing for your new puppy or dog

A checklist of things to consider before your new dog comes home.

Pedigree® |Small puppy on a white deck

Adopting a rescue puppy

What to do if your dog gets involved in a fight

Tailored Nutrition

Feed your small dog for less than R8 a day with NEW PEDIGREE® 4kg. Tailored nutrition for small dogs with a BIG personality!

Pedigree® red dog bowl