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Product Details: Adult Wet Pouch - Pedigree ZA
Adult dog food Pouch with Chicken & Veg in Gravy 100g complete pet food for dogs | Pedigree®
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PEDIGREE® Pouch with Chicken and Veg in Gravy


Complete pet food for dogs.


At PEDIGREE® we believe that every dog deserves a loving home, and that every dog deserves leading nutrition. That’s why we’ve created complete pet food for adult dogs. And our pouches are perfect for a fresh meal, providing healthy nutrition for all your dog’s needs, whilst being convenient and easy to use. Why not try adding one of our tasty pouches to PEDIGREE® VITAL PROTECTION™ or PEDIGREE® Mixer to your dog’s meal? Feeding a mixture of wet and dry food is a healthy way to feed your dog. The wet food has a higher moisture content and is less calorie dense, whilst dry food can help maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Our Nutrition contains:
Calcium to support healthy bones
Natural fibres to help keep his insides healthy so he always feels at his best
Zinc & sunflower oil containing omega 6, known to support healthy skin & a shiny coat
Vitamin E to help support his immune system, so he’s ready for anything

Pedigree® | 100g Wet Dog Food Gravy with Beef and Vegetables



Perfect for a fresh meal, providing healthy nutrition for all your dog’s need. Simply unzip the pouch and serve immediately.


You might need to adjust the amount of food according to the level of activity, breed and age of your dog. Allow for a transition phase when switching diet. For more information on feeding your dog, please contact our Consumer Careline. Fresh water should always be available.


For an optimal diet please feed a mix of PEDIGREE® pouch and PEDIGREE® Complete dry food.


83 kcal/100 g

See pack for full feeding instructions.


Meat and Animal derivatives 30% (including 4% Chicken),Vegetables (4% Carrots and Peas),Cereals,Derivatives of Vegetable Origin (0.5% Dried Sugar Beet Pulp),Minerals,Oils and Fats (0.45% Sunflower Oil),Vegetable Protein Extracts


Analytical constituents(%)


Fat content

Inorganic matter

Crude Fibres









Vitamin D3

Vitamin E

Calcium iodate anhydrous

Cupric sulphate pentahydrate

Ferrous sulphate monohydrate

Manganous sulphate monohydrate

Zinc sulphate monohydrate

150 IU


50 mg

0.39 mg

5.7 mg

10 mg

5.6 mg

107 mg