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Project Juno - Pedigree ZA
Pedigree® South Africa has teamed up with Woodrock Animal Rescue for an eight-week initiative called Project Juno.
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See what good food can do

PEDIGREE® South Africa has teamed up with Woodrock Animal Rescue for an eight-week initiative called Project Juno. This PEDIGREE® initiative will nurse a malnourished dog back to health with the use of good, nutritious PEDIGREE® food along with the assistance of veterinary professionals who will be monitoring our brave dog throughout her transformation. To see what good food can do, follow the brave journey of Juno, as she transforms into a healthy, happy dog, on the PEDIGREE® South Africa Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Week 1

Week 2

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Week 8

See what good food can do

While you’re following the incredible story of Project Juno, PEDIGREE® South Africa will also be giving you, the pet owner, insight into what good food can do. We believe that every dog has four universal needs, and PEDIGREE® is here to guide you along the way so that your furry friend is healthy and happy.

Pedigree® Skin and Coat symbol
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During her journey, Juno has been improving the condition of her skin and coat, with good food and veterinary care. Having a healthy skin and coat is important for dogs because it acts as a protective armour. By feeding your dog a balanced diet, you can help ensure that he has a healthy skin and coat. Both our PEDIGREE® Dry food and PEDIGREE® Wet Pouches contain essential oils that will play a part in enhancing the condition of your fluffy friends’ skin and coat.

Pedigree® oral care logo
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Part of Juno’s journey back to health includes oral care, which is so often neglected in dogs. To ensure healthy teeth and gums for your dog, give him PEDIGREE® DENTASTIX®. Our DENTASTIX® have a special X-shape and the active ingredients help reduce tartar build up by up to 80%, when fed daily.

Pedigree® Digestion
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Juno’s digestion system has been compromised because she is malnourished. A healthy digestion system can be achieved with the right food, containing the necessary nutrients. PEDIGREE® Dry is a complete meal with a high nutrient absorption rate. A happy tummy makes for a happy dog, so ensure that your dog eats the food that provides them with the right amount of all the right stuff.

Pedigree® yellow immunity badge
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As a malnourished dog, Juno’s immunity is low and therefore she is at risk and can pick up diseases. Feed your dog PEDIGREE®. It contains vitamins E and C to ensure a strong immune system. Give your dog the food that allows him to be healthy on the inside and out.

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