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Puppy Caring - Pedigree ZA
When should you think about a visit to the vet? A visit to the vet is inevitable, consider these steps to make this trip to the vet easier | Pedigree®
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Caring For My Puppy


A visit to the vet is inevitable at some point and it can be a stressful time for your dog. Here you can find out when you should be thinking about making that visit and how best to tackle it with your dog.

Pedigree® Woman with dog picture

Dog Vaccinations

It’s vitaly important that you get your puppy vaccinated – here’s what you need to know

Pedigree® | Three beige coated puppies on table

House training your puppy

How to house train your puppy in three weeks

PEDIGREE®| Two puppies playing

Socialising your puppy

Help your puppy learn to be relaxed, confident and friendly

PEDIGREE®| A woman hand holding a dogs paw

Looking after your puppy’s paws

Puppy paws are more sensitive so you’ll need to take care

Pedigree® | small black and brown puppy running on grass

Puppy Care: Exercise Guide

Learn how to give your puppy the right amount of walks, games and training