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Stop your dog from digging - Pedigree ZA
Some dog breeds love digging however there are methods that could be used to discourage this behaviour | Pedigree®
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Stop your dog from digging

Pedigree® |Small white dog sitting in grass

Some dogs are bred to burrow after small animals like rabbits, so you may find your dog likes to dig holes in your garden. But can you do anything about it?

Firstly, make sure your dog’s getting enough exercise and has plenty of toys and training sessions to keep their mind occupied too. When they start digging, try distracting them by playing a game.

If you find your dog is a determined digger, try turning it into a game. Create a digging area in your garden that’s safely away from your plants or your lawn (something like a plastic sandpit will do). Then bury biscuits and toys for them to find there and you’ll have a happy dog and a hole-free garden.