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Tasty Mini's - Junior - Pedigree ZA
Dogs love to discover – with Rodeo® they will find tasty twists of flavour with a deliciously chewy texture. | Pedigree®
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Tasty Bites Chewy Cubes – Puppy



Pedigree® Tasty Mini’s – Junior – With added calcium for strong teeth and bones.


Every Puppy deserves a home filled with love and a belly filled with nutritious treats to help them grow up to be healthy and strong. Pedigree® Tasty Mini’s Junior, comes in small portions which makes it a great bite size for regular treating and training. Give your puppy the start it deserves and help it become a dog full of energy and vitality with a boost of calcium for strong teeth and bones.

PEDIGREE® Delicious treats, chews, meaty main meals and complete dry foods for all dogs.