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Tasty Mini's - Pedigree ZA
Tasty dog treats filled with flavour. Pedigree® Tasty Bites Chewy Cubes with Chicken and duck flavour chunks.
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Tasty Bites Chewy Cubes with Chicken



Pedigree® Tasty Mini’s – Infused with vitamins and minerals for optimal dental health.


Whether your training your pooch or looking for a meaty treat to reward them for being a good boy – Pedigree® Tasty Mini’s are a sure-fire way to get their tails wagging. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Pedigree® Tasty Mini’s contain all the goodness and nutrients needed for their optimal oral health.

PEDIGREE® Delicious treats, chews, meaty main meals and complete dry foods for all dogs.