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Fun training - Pedigree ZA
Pedigree® lists a few fun methods on how to train your dog to do fun activities.
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Fun Training

Pedigree® |Small dog playing in tin

Doing agility training with your dog

Training your dog to become more agile

Pedigree® |Brown dog playing with a red ball

Playing with your dog or puppy

A great way to have fun and teach your dog basic obedience

Pedigree® | 2 White dogs in doorway

Training your dog to close doors

With a little help, your dog can quickly learn to close doors

Pedigree® |Small dog rolling on grass

Training your dog to roll over

Teach your dog to roll over by following these simple steps

Pedigree® |Paw touching hand

Train your dog to shake paws

Teach your dog to sit on his haunches and lift both paws

Pedigree® Treats

Healthy treats for happy dogs. Whether it be for training, rewarding or just playing, Pedigree® Treats offer a tasty and responsible way to bond with your dog and look after their emotional wellbeing.

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