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Tackling Problems - Pedigree ZA
Articles listing how to tackle problems that you might be experiencing with your dog | Pedigree®
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Tackling Problems

Pedigree® | black and white coat Puppy looking at he camera

Toilet trouble

How to break the habit of excited or nervous accidents

Pedigree® |Small puppy looking away from the camera

Boost your dog’s confidence

Confidence will help your dog get along with people and other animals

PEDIGREE® | Brown puppy standing on grass

Stop your dog from digging

Some dogs are bred especially to burrow

Pedigree® |Dogs playing on grass

Controlling your dog’s urge to chase

Keep chasing in check and you’ll have a brilliantly behaved dog

Pedigree® |Small dogs playing in water

How to deal with problem behaviour

Learn about the triggers of problem behaviour

Pedigree® | Two dogs looking at each other

How to stop a dogfight

What to do if your dog gets involved in a fight

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