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Pedigree ZA | Training your dog to close doors
Want to train your dogs how to close doors? Pedigree® lists how this can be achieved.
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Training your dog to close doors

Dog agility is a fast, competitive sport where your dog navigates a course of hoops, ramps, hurdles and other obstacles as quickly as possible. It’s great fun for you and your dog, and it’ll keep you both fit, too!

What makes for an agile dog?

If your dog has high drive, they’ll be fast, intensely focused on you and won’t get distracted as easily then they’ll enjoy learning agility.

You can train a puppy, adult dog or a mature dog to do agility. With their background as sheepdogs, Border Collies tend to excel at this sort of thing, but if your dog has the right qualities, it doesn’t matter what breed your dog is. With the right stuff they’ll be running rings around the competition in no time!